Preeners Valet - Free Pick Up and Delivery Service

Free Pick Up and Delivery Service and Registration with The Preeners Family
Allow us at The Preeners to eliminate one of the most tedious chores in your life! Have your cleaning picked up right from your home or office and delivered back on the next scheduled day all fresh and clean.  You don’t even need to be home, just leave the laundry bag provided to you in a specified place and we’ll pick it up without worry! 

All you have to do after registering is to schedule a pick up by calling our pick up and delivery hotline, by email, or scheduling a pick up right through this website! All the Preeners’ services are available to you. 

Let us know what your needs are and allow us to accommodate you! Upon registration, take advantage of the $15 in free cleaning! And after registration look out for more promotions and coupons!

Also, take advantage of the huge discounts that can be had through our Preeners Referral Program – refer 5 friends after registering and receive huge rewards!


We Recycle Hangers

Only 15% of Clothes  Hangers are Recycled

The Preeners Aims to Make it Easier
to Recycle