Dry Cleaning

Have your suits and dresses looking and feeling the best by having them cared for by us here at The Preeners.  We’ll ensure that your garments come back clean and odorless due to our rigorous inspection process, where at every stage of the cleaning and finishing process garments are checked for stains and pressing.  Our finishing process will leave your garments with no unsightly seam impressions or pocket impressions and will also leave your garments feeling soft and smooth to the touch.
If travelling, simply notify us, and we’ll pack your garments ready for travel.  Whether it’s having your shirts boxed or folded, or your other garments packed in a thicker plastic to ensure the pressing and finishing does not get affected by the travel, The Preeners has got you covered.

To reduce your carbon footprint, we also have re-usable garment bags and hangar recycling along with our green initiatives in the cleaning process.


We Recycle Hangers

Only 15% of Clothes  Hangers are Recycled

The Preeners Aims to Make it Easier
to Recycle