What is The Preeners policy on data security and privacy?
We respect your privacy.   We will only collect and use your personal information for defined purposes. We use your information to support and enhance our relationship with you.  We do not sell your personal information. We don’t share your personal data. We strive to ensure that every customer experience is safe and secure.  At any time you may contact us with the privacy concerns you have and we’ll be happy to address them. The website is designed to give you options concerning the privacy of your credit card information, name, address, e-mail and any other information you provide us. We are committed to data security with respect to information collected on our site. We offer the industry standard security measures available through your browser called SSL encryption. If at any time you would like to request a service, but do not want to provide your credit card information online, you may place an order without credit card information and a representative will contact you. Alternatively, you may always contact a customer service representative over the telephone.

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Only 15% of Clothes  Hangers are Recycled

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