Dry Cleaning

Have your suits and dresses looking and feeling the best by having them cared for by us here at The Preeners.  We’ll ensure that your garments come back clean and odorless due to our rigorous inspection process, where at every stage of the cleaning and finishing process garments are checked for stains and pressing.

Wet Cleaning


Wet cleaning is a safe and environmentally sound cleaning process which uses water and non toxic eco friendly detergents.  Wet cleaning is done in our state of the art washers and finishers which, coupled with the detergents and stabilizing agents, will leave your garments vibrant and feeling very soft to the touch.

The most important aspects of successful wet cleaning is experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics, and proper ways to finish garments by operators.



Our shirts are laundered in a gentle cycle using special detergents and tempered cooler water to ensure that soil and stains are eliminated while having absolutely no shrinkage during the process.



Our state of the art washers will delicately clean all the items in your life that need to be laundered.  They will come out fresh and clean using our special programs, detergents and degreasers.  From clothing to tablecloths to linens, we do it all! Including wash and fold!



Allow us at The Preeners to take care of all your house hold textiles and fabrics.  From tablecloths to drapery to bedroom linens to rugs to pillows.  We will clean, deodorize, and refresh all your house hold fabrics, textiles, and garments so that they look brand new again.  You don’t even need to leave your home, just use our free pick up and delivery service!

Special Care


Allow us at The Preeners to clean, preserve, and restore one of your most treasured keepsakes, your wedding gown.  Our expert staff will meticulously clean your wedding gown by hand, making sure that every part gets the attention it deserves.  A thorough process will turn even the most soiled wedding gowns into pristine works of art again.  From the simple dresses to the more ornate gowns, we at The Preeners give each gown the attention it needs to look and feel as good as new.  After it is cleaned and treated, we will gently fold the gown in acid free tissue paper and place it in a large box designed for the preservation of wedding gowns.  A window on the box allows everyone to see the beautiful gown without opening the box up.

Leathers and Suedes

By using our leather and suede cleaning services, your garments will not only have the stains and soil removed in the cleaning process, but will also have the essential, natural oils replenished, as these oils deplete over time.  Along with cleaning, we can have older garments looking brand new by our redying service.  And lastly, we can handle any repair or alteration your leathers and suedes need, from a button to a lining.

 Specialty and Ceremonial Garments

From dresses and gowns to blouses to sarees to cheongsams, our specialty and ceremonial cleaning services can handle any type of material, beading, sequins, or dye.  Our group of specialists have a great understanding of textiles and fabrics. They carefully inspect each garment as it comes in and determine what methods and products are to be used to thoroughly and carefully clean these special garments.  We’ll take the ‘worry’ out of dropping those expensive, hard to clean garments off to the cleaners.

Repairs and Alterations


We at The Preeners have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced tailoring staff that can handle the simplest of euro hems to the more complicated work of reconstructing a jacket.  Trust us with those garments that you thought could not be repaired and also with the new garments you just bought that need that minor alteration

We Recycle Hangers

Only 15% of Clothes  Hangers are Recycled

The Preeners Aims to Make it Easier
to Recycle