Our shirts are laundered in a gentle cycle using special detergents and tempered cooler water to ensure that soil and stains are eliminated while having absolutely no shrinkage during the process.

We’ll make your shirts look like new.  Finishing is triple checked and if there are any broken buttons, they are replaced and small repairs will be done at no extra cost. Shirts are hand finished and French cuffed shirts are studded. Shirts can be finished two ways; being hung or being folded. 

When hung, shirts are placed on an extra wide shirt hanger and under plastic to ensure the pressing of the shirt stays intact.  If folded, shirts are folded very carefully, packed with recyclable tissue and placed in an individual protective shirt bag, these are then placed in a foldable reusable shirt bag for transport.

We Recycle Hangers

Only 15% of Clothes  Hangers are Recycled

The Preeners Aims to Make it Easier
to Recycle